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Vienna Small Kitchen & Powder Room Remodel





vienna kitchen remodel before 2




vienna kitchen remodel before

Vienna Remodel: Day
19-24 – Completion: Cabinetry, Counter Tops, and More!

We just added the final touches to our Vienna Small Kitchen & Powder Room Remodel and could not be happier with the turn out! The off white wainscot paneled cabinetry with custom edge trims really brings out the vein detail in the white marble counter tops and makes the back splash shine, especially in natural lighting. Featuring custom glass paneled cabinetry, a ventilation hood that matches the cabinetry, a decorative accent back splash above the stove top, and hardwood floors!





Vienna Kitchen Remodel



Vienna Remodel: Day 25 – Completion: Powder Room

Our new powder room is fully transformed from a hallway closet! We added a pocket door to keep traffic in the foyer to a minimum, and this detailed copper shine faucet is our favorite part!



viennasmallbath1viennasmallbath4viennasmallbath5viennasmallbath3 Vienna Kitchen Remodel

Vienna Remodel: Day 16, 17, & 18 – Cabinetry Panel Hinge Installation and Window Framing.

Our wainscot paneled cabinet doors should arrive any day now and we are all set to install them after putting on all the hinges and slides! Our over hanging cabinetry above has a unique shaping to accommodate more space to the sides with a curve out. Next we’ll finish installing the new window above the kitchen sink!

Vienna Remodel: Day 14 & 15 – Cabinetry Slides and Electrical Installation.

We’ve added the remaining slides to our cabinet drawers that will pull out and have prepared the remaining appliance areas for their designated electrical inputs. Next we’ll install the oven and cook top, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and more along with stone counter tops and back splashes!

Vienna Remodel: Day 11, 12, & 13 – Cook Top Ventilation Hood, Lazy Susan, and Additional Cabinetry Installation.

Appliances require a lot of preparation prior to their installation in order for them to become a seamless, fully functioning fit, especially when it comes to ovens and cook tops. The hole in the ceiling in the middle cabinet frame will allow for air circulation when cooking, and the space will also provide electrical wiring to power the oven. The lazy susan was installed in the corner to utilize the entire space of the corner without compromising the size of the sink and drawers on both sides of it. Additional cabinetry is being framed around where the oven/cook top will be installed which requires precise measurements for an exact fit when appliances arrive.

Vienna Remodel: Day 10 – New Powder Room Plumbing and Electrical.

Today we dedicated our time to installing plumbing and electrical wiring in our new addition of the powder bathroom. The plumbing will allow for water flow to the vanity sink as well as the toilet, and the electrical wiring will allow us to illuminate the space with various light fixtures throughout.

Vienna Remodel: Day 7, 8, & 9 – Flooring, Cabinetry, and More Cabinetry.

A drywall previously existed where you now see the long non-lacquered/polished hardwood run towards the kitchen. We did this in order to expand not only the kitchen but the adjoining living room as well along with our new powder bathroom. The cabinets are all coming along beautifully with their initial framing already in place. Some of the cabinets already have their drawer slides installed which feature automatic soft close technology which ensures a safe, slow close no matter how fast it is pushed to protect them for decades. Up next we’ll be installing plumbing under the sink!

Vienna Remodel: Day 1-6 – Post Walk Through, Demolition of Existing Kitchen, and New Cabinetry Framing.

We’ve got a new small kitchen plus a ground floor powder bathroom remodel in Vienna and have already hit the ground running in the first week! After the initial design planning walk through, the existing kitchen cabinetry was demolished and removed along with the appliances. The powder bathroom used to be a walk-in closet that we’ve begun to modify with new walls to expand the room, a pocket door to reduce hallway clutter, as well as prepping the electrical for installation of new light fixtures. Now, we’ve begun constructing the framework of the kitchen cabinetry from our high quality hand assembled cabinet supplier and can’t wait for the blue prints to turn into reality. Stay tuned!

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