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Reston Kitchen Remodel

AfterReston Kitchen Remodel 3


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Reston Kitchen Remodel: Day Thirty Two – Completion

We’re excited to say this kitchen is a wrap! A load bearing beam in the center of the island bar was our biggest challenge since it was there to stay. Our design team came up with the idea of covering it with the same ledger panel used in the backsplash in order to integrate it easily into the design and blend it into the background as much as possible. This kitchen now features Arctic White ledger panel, super white wainscot cabinets with pullout shelving, and a SHARP automatic pull out microwave just to name a few.

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Reston Kitchen Remodel: Day Three – Exisiting Floor Demolition, Wall Removal, and Installation.
Today we started with demolition on the existing ceramic tile flooring, and began installing hardwood flooring. We continued to ‘demo’ the existing non-load bearing drywall that separated the dining room from the kitchen. We’ll wrap up with cleaning the remaining debris and be back tomorrow, stay tuned for a video of it all!

It’s day one in our latest Reston Kitchen Remodel and we’ve got big plans to make this a big space! This kitchen has a load bearing beam that holds a very dominant space in the island bar. Since we can’t remove it our design team has come up with the idea to tile it with the chosen backsplash to blend in yet stand out. The client has chosen to brighten up the area with a white marble and white ledger panel backsplash. Our first phase will begin shortly with demolition!

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