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Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel




Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 20 & 21 –  Completion!

After putting every piece of this beautiful kitchen remodel in its place and having our touch up team make this place sparkle and shine it was time for a completed project photo shoot. Not only does this kitchen feature veined white marble counter tops, but also a matching back splash! Additionally featuring a sleek simplistic open range cooktop.






Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day  16, 17, 18, & 19 – Completed Cabinetry, Appliances, and White Marble Countertop Installation.

With all phases of installation complete, we can now remove the cardboard protecting the new cherry oak hardwood flooring! Not to mention features of glass paneled cabinetry, white marble counterops with vein matching miter cuts running down to the floor, detachable sink faucet head, a beverage fridge integrated into the peninsula bar, and much more!


Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 15 – On Site Custom Cutting Kitchen Cabinetry

Sometimes layout constraints cause a designer to improvise on the fly, and the years of expertise from our designers allow us to do just that! Our Grey Hardwood Cabinetry is getting ready for the final phase of installation, then it is on to touch ups!

Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 14 – Mid-Installation of Grey Hardwood Cabinetry

We apply clamps (and any extra hands) to hold cabinets exactly in place as they’re drilled and dried from adhesive. Check out both videos for all the details below! Next we’ll begin installing the hinges and rails for the cabinet doors and drawers!


Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 13 – Kitchen Circuit Wire Fishing Inspection Walkthrough

In order to accommodate the electrical needs of our newkitchen design layout, fishing wire through custom areas in the ceilings was a must – and nothing stops us!

Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 10, 11 & 12 – Cabinetry Installation Phase One

Today we began installing grey cedar cabinets with various panel styles around the kitchen. Now that we have a structural outline of each cabinets precise locationwe’re ready to install the faces of each cabinet. These cabinets and drawers will soon feature soft close and slide technology that guarantees a slow, smooth close no matter how hard it’s pushed.

Reston Condo KitchenRemodel: Day 9 -Rewiring Kitchen Circuitry for New Appliances

As we prepare for the installation of new stainless steel kitchen appliances from the best in the business, a new electrical plan is needed to provide these variousappliances with the proper power in the right location.


Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 7 & 8 – Custom Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Installation

After successfully running all proper wiring through the ceiling we were able to begin installing the custom light fixtures above the kitchen chosen by our client and approved by our head designer. These are a unique LED setup with reflective glass that gives the room a shine like no other.

Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 4, 5, and Six – Circuit Wiring New Kitchen Appliances

Today we after we finished removing all the cabinetry and appliances in the kitchen, we fished kitchen circuit cables to the fuse breaker box to get the new appliances and light fixtures ready for power. Each appliance requires a certain wattage which our master electricians take into consideration.

Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 2 and 3 – Existing Cabinetry and Backsplash Removal

We’re right in the middle of the demolition phase at our Reston condo kitchen remodel! After removing most of the appliances that we’re in the way we were able to begin removing the existing cabinetry which consisted of a cheaplymade wood face with particle board sides and backs. We then began to chip away at the existing backsplash and will soon see a fully cleaned out kitchen ready for a remodel!

Reston Condo Kitchen Remodel: Day 1 –  Walk-through and Design Planning

Today we entered a new clients home, on the 16th floor! This kitchen condo is about to be entirely redone after the discovery of the existing low quality cabinetry and a cheap back-splash that were installed in the building’s construction less than five years ago! We don’t know what other poor craftsmanship we’ll find, but we’ll find it and fix it. We’ve got big plans for the space including dark grey hardwood cabinets with soft close hinges, beautiful bright marble counter-tops, and more! Stay tuned!


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