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Leesburg Kitchen, Hallway & Master Bathroom Remodel

Hallway Bathroom Remodel: Day Nine, Ten, and Eleven – Flooring Completion

6″x40″Tiled porcelain with a wood grain finish is now installed in the hallway bathroom! This effect allows you to keep all the benefits of porcelain such as the high durability and zero absorbency while still maintaining the warm classic style of a hardwood floor. The best of both worlds!

Kitchen Remodel: Day Six and Seven – Backsplash Completion

With the cement dried, the spacers removed, and a polishing finish applied, the 2×4 Crema Marfil marble tile is now complete! Now we’re onto the master bathroom flooring!

Hallway Bathroom Remodel: Day Five – Floor Tile Installation

Today we cut and installed 18×18 Travertine tile across the entire floor of the hallway bathroom. After the Ditra and Duroc settled, we cemented the tiles into position. Next we’ll remove the bathtub!

Master Bathroom Remodel: Day Three and Four -Shower Flooring and Wall Tile Installation

We’ve begun upgrading the master bathroom. This one will feature mosaic tiled shower flooring, two mosaic tiled niches, and 18×18 Travertine tile! Up next is matching flooring throughout the room!


Kitchen Remodel: Day Two – Kitchen Backsplash Removal and Installation

Once we cleaned out the previous backsplash we started installing 2×4″ Crema Marfil Marble tile. Now we’ll wait for them to dry with spacers on each side to ensure every tile molds exactly in place. Next on our list is the hallway and master bathroom flooring!





Hallway Bathroom Remodel: Day One -Our first remodel in Leesburg began with demolition of the previous flooring and removal of the toilet in the hallway bathroom. The design plans entail demolition of walls for expansion, larger vanity, and a multi-function shower. Our next phase is in the kitchen with installing a new vibrant backsplash.

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