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Landsdowne Multi-Space Remodel

Landsdowne Remodel: Day 27 to 31 – Completion!

Wow! The only person loving these results more than us is our client! Featuring one of our tallest rain showers paired with a chrome multi-function hand shower that’s both detachable and adjustable via hose and slide bar, and a custom detailed mosaic travertine tiled ceiling in the master bathroom. A peninsula marble countertop dresser with European chrome bar pulls that matches the master bathroom vanities sits in the freshly built walk-in closet. The second bathroom features dual mirrored medicine cabinets and opens into the freshly built new bedroom.


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Landsdowne Remodel: New Bedroom Addition

Landsdowne Remodel: Day 25 and 26 – Sliding Pocket Door Closet Addition

Our client wanted a few new closets, and this one utilizes the small dimensions it was given as much as it can!  With a pocket sliding door for a smoother, and less obstructing entrance, and a tall inside that allows many sets of shelves, this closet is packed with space efficient feature! More on Houzz:


Landsdowne Remodel: Day 21-24 – Dual Vanity Installation

You’re not crazy, you really are seeing double! These dual vanities on adjacent sides to the walk-in shower of the master bathroom are now polished and complete! Featuring a rich, dark hardwood with recessed wainscot panels, custom stainless steel pulls of various lengths, and a detailed kicker underneath. Our client wanted large, near ceiling mirrors, without losing their convenient over head light fixtures and we accommodated by fishing electrical wiring through the mirror to allow them to hang right off the mirror. Bringing the best of both together is our specialty.


Landsdowne Remodel: Day 17, 18 & 19 – Glass Enclosure & Custom Light Fixture Installation

The master bathroom of our Landsdowne multi-space remodel now has a walk-in glass enclosure and custom light fixtures above it that really make it shine! The light fixture’s unique locations around the shower were strategically chosen to both light up the most surface area that wasn’t reached by the glass block windows natural light, and to illuminate the glass enclosure in the best light possible. A double win! Also featuring a Grohe shower hook right beside the shower entrance for easy access. Next we’ll detail the dual vanities on both sides of the shower!


Landsdowne Remodel: Day 13-16 – Walk-In Closet Peninsula Dresser Set Up

Today we assembled the peninsula dresser that will sit in the center of this walk-in closet beside the master bathroom. A dark glossy wood framing paired with custom long stainless steel bar pulls and topped with a beige marble counter top. Next comes the surrounding closet area!


Landsdowne Remodel: Day 10, 11, and 12 – Installing Travertine Shower Tile

The second bathroom now has matching 18×18″ travertine shower tile just like the master bathroom! Featuring two 14×14″ side by side niches for holding various shower products. Behind this beautiful limestone lies Duroc and cement for a stable yet flexible foundation, to handle any weather! Once it dries we’ll move on to flooring!

Landsdowne Remodel: Day Eight and Nine – Beginning Bathroom Installations

With all existing framework removed and cleaned out the space has now become a blank page for us to design and remodel another work of art. We’ve started installing 18X18″ Crema Marfil Travertine tiles for the master bathroom’s walk-in shower to pair with the glass block windows. A custom Travertine mosaic tiled ceiling will surround the rain shower head, while our other bathroom has its vanity installed with a cream white marble counter top.


Landsdowne Remodel: Day Four, Five, Six and Seven – Demolition of Non-Load Bearing Structural Framing

The potential of this large space can only be completely utilized through restructuring the layout with demolition of the existing drywalls. Out of this entire massive space with our new dimensions we will create a master bathroom complete with a walk-in shower, a walk-in closet, a full bathroom, and more!


Landsdowne Remodel: Day One, Two and Three –  Ripping Out the Existing Tub and Shower Head.

We’re hitting the ground running in our new Landsdowne Multi-Space Remodel project with already removing the existing bath tub and shower head. The unique second floor cornered location will provide great opportunities to utilize natural light, which we intend to do with custom glass block windows. Once we get down to the structural bare bones we’ll begin mosaic tiled floor and dual vanity sink installations!



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