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Great Falls Kitchen, Hallway and Master Bathroom Remodel

Great Falls Kitchen Remodel: Day Nine Through Twelve – Upstairs Hallway Bathroom Flooring and Tub Installation.

Over the course of four days we’ve moved upstairs from the kitchen into the hallway bathroom removing the existing flooring and installing a similar Dekton tiling to the kitchen but in a different shade. In the shower, three niches will be vertically stacked opposite of the shower head. Once the tiling and underlying Duroc adhere to each other, we’ll begin installing the vanity, toilet and tub siding.

Great Falls Kitchen Remodel: Day Six, Seven, and Eight – Completion of Flooring Installation and Ledger Panel Walls.

These past few days we’ve been working to complete both the Dekton wood styled 45 degree angle cut kitchen floor and the Full All In One Euro Style Powder Bathroom. This bathroom is as deluxe as it sounds! Featuring wall to wall dark natural Quartzite ledger panel, a (soon to be) free standing porcelain sink, and a rain shower with an adjustable/detachable arm!

Great Falls Kitchen Remodel: Day Five – Wood Finished Porcelain Tile Installation.

Today we neared completion of laying the flooring that appears to be wood but is actually a porcelain based tile. This gives the sleek look of hardwood floors with the benefits of porcelain – a stronger, non-absorbent surface that will give you the most value for your money. We finished the day with installing a dark ledger panel along the walls.

Great Falls Kitchen Remodel: Day Three & Four: Beginning the installation of Wood Finished Porcelain Tile.
After removing the existing flooring we got into our groove of ditra, cement, tile, and repeat! Within two days the entire kitchen floor was complete. See a video of the process on our Youtube page below!

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