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Fairfax Contemporary Kitchen and Powder Bathroom Remodel


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Day Nine, Ten, and Eleven: Cabinetry Installation

With the Soffit and other items removed during the demolition phase, it’s now time to install cabinets! These wainscott paneled white cabinets will give off a beautiful glow to the room from whatever light source and add a contemporary feel to the area. Featuring a traditional crown molding across the entire top on both sides of the island bar(seen in the right side photo up top) and deep custom fit pull out drawers. Coming up is pull/handle installation for each cabinet and drawer!

Day Seven and Eight: Demolition Completion, Stone Selection, and Installation Approval

We’ve got our next phase of installments all signed off and approved which means we’re ready to bring in cabinetry as well as this beautiful exotic high polished white marble! Not only will it be the kitchen’s countertop but also the backsplash all the way up! This marble was hand picked by our client at our private stone warehouse distribution center.


Day Six: Demolition, Drywall, and Door Frame Reconstruction

More progress was made with gutting out the kitchen for new cabinetry and appliances. Structural reconstruction was necessary near door frames to accommodate the dimensions of the new bathroom that moved around the how the ground floor bears its load from the upstairs.

Day Three, Four, and Five: Powder Bathroom Demolition and Framing

After clearing out the kitchen we began to do the same for the new powder bathroom area, which was originally part of the foyer. First were a few walls of demolition followed by installing 6×4’s to outline the dimensions of this home’s newest addition!

Day One and Two: Walk-through and Initial Demolition

Today we started our next kitchen and powder bathroom remodel from Fairfrax! We have big plans to expand the kitchen which start with demolition. Watch as we turn this space into a bright and contemporary styled masterpiece!


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