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Alexandria White Transitional Kitchen Remodel

Alexandria Kitchen Remodel


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  Alexandria Kitchen Remodel-5Alexandria Transitional White Kitchen8Alexandria Transitional White Kitchen7alexandria kitchen remodel.jpg
Alexandria Transitional White Kitchen6 Before.

Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 73Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 72Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 71Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 70

Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 24Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 23Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 22Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 21Alexandria, VA, kitchen remodel 20

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alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 61alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 62alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 63

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Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day 20 and 21 – Footed Kitchen Island Completion

Featuring an automatic pull-out drawer styled microwave that allows access from above so as to not require bending over. Our white marble counter top over hangs 16″ to allow for some beaded hardwood backless barstools to sit underneath. On the flip side we have an additional oven and chrome cup pulls all around.




Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day 16 – Wine Rack & Illuminated Glass Paneled Cabinetry Completion


Alexandria Kitcehn Wine2Alexandria Kitcehn Wine3

Alexandria Kitcehn Wine1

Alexandria Transitional White Kitchen

Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day 17 – 19 – Wine Rack Construction







Alexandria Kitchen Remodel Day 12- 15: Additional Demolition

alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 27alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 25alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 24alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 23alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 22alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 21alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 20alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 19alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 18alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 17alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 16alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 15alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 14alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 13alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 12alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 10alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 8alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 7alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 5alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 4alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 3alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 2alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 1

alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 107alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 106alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 105

alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 103alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 102alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 101alexandria, va, kitchen remodel 100

Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day 10, 11 and 12 – Existing Floor Removal

An elevated floor gave us a unique challenge and opportunity to transform the transition of the 14″ decline from the main kitchen area to the living room area. Now that the old floor is out, we’ll begin our plans of creating a new set of steps and hand rails as well as installing a beautiful tile floor.




Alexandria Rustic Kitchen Remodel: Day Five-Nine – Existing Kitchen Cabinetry and Appliance Removal

As we’ve cleared out the obstructing walls, we’ve also now removed most of the existing cabinetry and appliances and will soon have the entire kitchen gutted. The soffit and countertops are going out next!




Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day Two, Three and Four – Demolition of Existing Structural Layout for Expansion

Today we began with removing walls that confined the kitchen in order to move forward with our plans of an entire expansion of the space. In addition to making the kitchen a more open, functional, social and brighter space for all residents and friends, an expansion also increases the home value. A double win!




Alexandria Kitchen Remodel: Day One – Initial Layout Walkthrough

Our newest kitchen remodel lives in Alexandria and the existing layout gives off an 80’s rustic styling. Today our designers will survey the current landscape and layout. The dimensions, plumbing, wiring and structural composition will set the boundary lines for the capabilities of their creative visions. After demolition of the existing, we have plans to remove the protruding drywall for an expansion. Watch as we expand and enhance this space!


alexandria kitchen1


alexandria kitchen2


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