Oakton Kitchen Remodel: SHARP Automatic Pull-Out Microwave Demo

An incredible feature in our Oakton Kitchen Remodel is this automatic pull-out microwave. As a SHARP exclusive, it provides a unique option to place a kitchens’ microwave in what would be a low reach area. Now we can utilize your existing microwaves’ space for something better! Bigger cabinets, a different appliance, a larger ventilation hood, the possibilities are endless when you introduce a functionality game changer like this one! Even the control panel hides away for a sleek and seamless look!

6/23/2016 Oakton Kitchen Remodel:

Today we finished installing and polishing the Cararra Marble Honed Herringbone backsplash and stained the Snow White Cabinets with their Euro Style Chrome Long Pulls!

6/2/2016 Oakton Kitchen Remodel: Backsplash&Countertops

Today we installed White Carrara marble countertops and backsplashes with a herringbone tile pattern. Featuring a backsplash finish of solid White Carrara marble pencil detail pieces.The island Peninsula area will have counter stool seating and the under counter functions as a wine/beverage mini fridge as well as a pull out drawer microwave where you load items from the top for easier access.